The Best Sex Toys For Absolute Beginners

The use of sex toys has advantages. Many couples lose the fire in their relationships, because they are too

orthodox. Romance thrives on natural and authentic excitement, and one sure way to keep the fires of love

burning in a relationship, is to experiment with sex toys. With the understanding that sex is not just about

penetration, any couple with a mutual desire to explore and experiment, can use sex toys to turn around an

otherwise boring sex life.

Some Helpful Tips for Using Sex Toys

Take It Slow

Don’t expect miracles your first time, because you may not even get an orgasm. You need to take your time and understand how the toy works, and how it influences your body. It’s only after a while that you will know for sure, if the toy is for you, or not.

Be Open to Experiments

People are different, so the first sex toy you try out, might or might not be ideal for you. You need to be open to experimentation, and try out a few different toys, to know what works for you.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Sex organs are often objectified, with young people especially, believing that bigger is better. But it’s not always this way. In fact, certain small-sized sex toys like bullet vibrators, can blow a woman’s mind, much more than a monster dildo can. So, start small, focus on the feelings you desire, and you’ll be fine.

Don’t Forget Lubes

So long as you are using an object to penetrate the body, you need some lubrication. There is a wide variety of lubes in the market, from organic lubes, to those which include sexually stimulating substances. Feel free to pick one that is right for you.

The Top 10 Sex Toys For Absolute Beginners

  1. Blindfolds

A blindfold is so simple, you don’t even need to buy one. You can easily use any scarf lying around to blindfold your heartthrob, or you could go for specially made silk scarves. Blindfolding is a soft, but thrilling introduction to BDSM, an easy way for anyone to experience sensory deprivation. Blindfolding heightens your partner’s other senses, and creates anticipation of what is about to happen next. It is a simple, but quite effective way of bringing some spark into your bedroom.

  1. Handcuffs

Soft handcuffs are one of the most popular sex toys in the world. Domination and submission can create quite some excitement, and using bondage handcuffs to restrain a partner, is one of the easiest kinds of bondage. Many couples assume that bondage is not for them. This may be true as far as extreme bondage goes, but a simple tying and teasing session with handcuffs, will definitely up the ante in any relationship.


  1. Feather Ticklers

Feather ticklers are another set of sex toys that most beginners will find useful every time. There are 2 types, those made from animal, such as ostrich, feathers, and those made from synthetic materials. You just have to choose a type which works for you. You could also find it more fun to physically restrain your partner before using the feather tickler. Also note that although different people have different ticklish zones, we all share the same basic erogenous zones that work well with feathers. These include the ears, neck, armpits, testicles, stomach, inner thighs and even the stomach.

  1. A Clit-Vibrator

The number one mistake most beginners make, is to rush in too soon, without pressing her doorbell first. If you love your woman, then you need a clit-vibrator. While many women may not be able to get an orgasm through vaginal sex, no woman on earth can resist the madness of a properly stimulated clitoris. So, if you want to please her, then vibrate her clit, enough said.

  1. Vibrating Cock-ring

If you can’t find the patience to take time and tease your woman’s clit, but you eagerly want to jump into her like most beginners, then maybe you should consider getting a vibrating cock-ring. Yes, this one is made from 2 different sex toys: a cock-ring and a vibrator. A cock-ring restricts blood flow out of the penis, making it harder and making him last longer. With an added vibrator, the clitoris is simultaneously stimulated with each thrust, sending both him and her, over the edge.

  1. The Sex Toy Two Finger Extender

Made from silicone, this sex toy is designed to extend the reaches of the human finger. It takes the power of pleasuring a woman with just 2 fingers to the extreme. When you slide it over your 2 fingers, your fingers become longer. Long enough for any woman to easily reach her own G-spot, or for her lover to give it to her sufficiently. Wet For Her, the company behind this amazing toy, created it with just the right curve to reach the spot. They even made the 2 silicon fingers of equal length, maximizing the pleasures of G-Spot stimulation, thereby.

  1. Partner Controlled Vibrator

A partner controlled vibrator allows a partner to control a woman’s pleasure. Many makers offer different designs of these sex toys, with some systems using a bluetooth connection and others being even Internet-controlled. The partner can be anywhere from 5 to 30 feet, or even very far away, depending on the system. With the press of a button or a smartphone app, the vibrator unleashes its pleasures inside her, and this can be at home or discreetly in a public place.

  1. Male Masturbator

Men can normally masturbate without using toys, but the male masturbator has been designed and improved to perfection over the years. There is a wide variety of masturbators, including those which mimic a vagina, and those which mimic a mouth. The material is usually very soft and stretchy, and asides from masturbation, can also be used for other exciting bedroom games.

  1. Vagina Pumps

The purpose of a vagina pump, is to swell the tissues of the labia or entire vulva, encouraging more blood flow and increasing the sensitivity of the skin. This creates a pussy with a puffy appearance, which can also be quite a turn-on.

  1. Strap On Dildo

This one might not be for everyone, but any woman who can strap on a dildo, is a source of joy for both men and women. The dildo is one of the most popular sex toys in the world, and this strap-on variety, takes the fun even further. It can be used to pleasure both men and women, vaginal and anal. The strap-on dildo is a dream-come-true for those strong women, who wish they had a dick.


We have come to the end of our top 10 sex toys list for beginners, and you must have seen one or two that piqued your interest already. Remember to take your time and get comfortable with your chosen toy, and with time, you can take the fun further.


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