What is a sadomasochistic relationship?

Bondage Dating in Germany

To understand what a sadist is, I need to describe what a sadomasochistic relationship is. Today I am describing exclusively the sexual aspect. Every sadist finds his optimal partner in a masochist. This woman desires, implies, implores, pain, humiliation, being used because she wants it, and above all because it is the only way of  salvation for her.
In a sadomasochistic relationship between a sadist and a masochist, based on the sexual passion of the two, thesadistic dominance of the man and the masochistic devotion of the woman are lived out,  according to the preferences of both.
The woman longs for imploring, begging the dominance of the man. I will illustrate this by an example. In this example, I will also introduce extremely intense and amusing game styles of the BDSM / SM, which will be described in more detail in later articles. There are 

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