The Best Sex Toys For Absolute Beginners

The use of sex toys has advantages. Many couples lose the fire in their relationships, because they are too orthodox. Romance thrives on natural and authentic excitement, and one sure way to keep the fires of love burning in a relationship, is to experiment with sex toys. With the understanding that sex is not just… Continue reading The Best Sex Toys For Absolute Beginners

[Toy Review] Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Vibrator

Coffee & Kink

This toy comes to me courtesy of my friend TigerStripes, whose podcast Kinky Discussions you should totally check out!

This toy has a lot to recommend it. I’m a big fan of Lovehoney – they mainly avoid gimmicks and provide good quality toys at reasonable prices, with quick and discreet delivery. I bought my first ever sex toy (a tiny bullet vibe) from them nine years ago and I still go to them for the majority of my sexy needs.

This is a nice simple little clitoral vibrator. It’s USB rechargeable and waterproof. The front has 3 buttons – on/turn up, setting change, and off/turn down. It’s maybe 3 inches long and is inflexible but very soft. It also comes in an attractive and discreet case.

The end curves to a soft point which is perfect for those who prefer their clitoral stimulation very direct and focussed, or you can…

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